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Liguria Marathon
November, 18th 2018

The Liguria Marathon

Is a unique event touching 9 municipalities in the Savona Province, which represents a route that is without precedent in the regional long-distance running scene.

The Route

The starting line for the race will be Loano and the finish line will be in Savona.  The route follows the via Aurelia coastal road along the sea to Savona, where there will be a final 7-kilometer circuit in the city center, and will finally cross the 42-km and 195-meter line at the Priamar Fortress.

The Village

Will be set up in the prestigious Loano Marina starting from the 18th of April.  With the participation of the town councils of Pietra Ligure, Borgio Verezzi, Finale Ligure, Noli, Spotorno, Bergeggi and Vado Ligure, the event will not only be held entirely on the seafront, but it will also see the runners leave the Aurelia coastal road and run through both Finale Ligure’s and Spotorno’s beautiful seaside promenades.

The Savona City Council expressed a strong desire to make this event happen, and as such has taken a leading role, in collaboration with the Loano City Council, in the event’s organization. It will be organized directly by ASD RunRivieraRun and Chicchi di Riso Onlus Association, two organizations which respectively manage half-marathons that are now considered unmissable dates on the running calendar (the RunRivieraRun International Half Marathon – also called ‘the Queen’, with start in Finale Ligure, passing through Borgio Verezzi and Pietra Ligure and finishing in Loano; and the Savona Half Marathon – also called ‘the Popes’ Half Marathon’) 


The event’s partners include all of the City and Town Councils involved: Loano, Pietra Ligure, Borgio Verezzi, Finale Ligure, Noli, Spotorno, Bergeggi and Vado Ligure and Savona, not to mention Loano Marina, where the village will be set up at the Starting Line area.